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It all started …

This tradition welcomes all UCMD students to one of two teams: House Apollo or Dion House. It uses a point system to help students achieve their goals while engaged in friendly competition. This new unique component to your arts education is set up to help build your creativity and add to your character.

Apollo and Dionysus are highly praised as Gods and leaders of the creative arts in Greek Mythology.

Dionysus is the son of Zeus and Semele, and Apollo the son of Zeus and Leto. These two creative immortal entities have throughout history been known to appear in several different forms such as male, female, animals, nature, and in spirit.

Although they are both inspirations to the arts, they bring very different characteristics to music, dance, theater, poetry, and performance. Individually their traits create excellence, however it is only when their forces are combined that true quality and brilliance is achieved.



Apollo- Dion Race 2018-2019
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